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The built environment should reflect the values of the community. Honoring our collective past, while simultaneously working to create a sustainable vision for the future is our vocation — our work.

Our team brings a deep understanding of the integrated, connective nature of civil engineering. We strive to unite people and places by blending creativity and technical understanding through meaningful interdisciplinary practice. Our approach to civil engineering creates meaningful opportunities for stakeholder engagement. We work diligently to define boundary conditions, develop thoughtful and accurate solutions, deliver improvements benefiting the common good, and make an impact on the public realm for decades to come.


Working within this tension of past and future, we find a balance between technology and creativity that leads to solutions that are dynamic, flexible, and visionary. Our approach to work leads to an informed understanding of the project contexts where the needs of the community are met, and the development of context-sensitive solutions based on sound engineering judgment and human-scale solutions are the results.

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