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Land Use

In our land use practice, we work closely with clients to craft intentional projects that are visionary and in harmony with what communities need. Often times this means working with local government to amend or create specific exceptions to the zoning ordinance in the form of Special Use Permits and Zoning Map Amendments. We engage with clients in a focused process as collaborators, and we see development as an opportunity to create spaces that connect people and honor the ecosystems on which we depend.

Entitlement Services
Special Use Permits (SPs)
Zoning Map Amendments (ZMAs)
Special Exceptions (SEs)
Master Planning
2021.12.14_Concept Exhibit.jpg

Potters House Special Use Permit, The Plains, Virginia

A large part of this work is an openness to community members and a willingness to engage with stakeholders representing different interests, while respecting each voice and working toward common ground. Our team excels at striking this balance between openness, fidelity to the common voice, and pragmatic and responsible solutions for land use and environmental stewardship.

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County Office Building Preston Entrance, City of Charlottesville

Working within the public realm requires a steadfast resolve to creating plans and developing imagery that can be easily communicated to community members, local officials, and stakeholders of the work. Our team understands how to bring technical concepts to life through creative graphic visualizations.


Visualization for Stakeholder Meetings and Government Officials

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