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Infrastructure Engineering

Our infrastructure engineers work closely with government clients to design infrastructure solutions which will stand the test of time and serve the surrounding communities. Infrastructure projects belong to the community, and therefore infrastructure projects are at the center of our work as civil engineers.

Infrastructure Repair
Roadway Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Structural Engineering

Colonial Avenue Redevelopment, Roanoke, Virginia

We understand the nuance of public work and the transparency with which decisions are made. We also believe in maintaining a fidelity to the collective voice. Working with stakeholders and discerning the public voice, when done integral with the work, can result in thoughtfully integrated and high-quality projects.


Dairy Road Pedestrian Bridge, Charlottesville, Virginia

We are committed to identifying and designing optimal solutions by balancing project budgets, schedules, and quality of work. We work closely with General Contractors and seek to have a collaborative relationship to optimize the delivery of a constructed project and translate the designs into reality.


Water Street Trail and Stormwater Management, Charlottesville, VA

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