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Site Design

Line and Grade knows that each project is unique and is a reflection of the client's vision. This includes private developers, local governments, institutions, and non-profits. Each site design considers the existing context, the local character, and a vision for the future. Our team works diligently to understand each client's needs and bring their vision to life. We do this through attention to detail in each phase of the development process.

Engineered Site Plans
Conceptual Designs
Schematic Designs
Permit Documents
Construction Documents
As-Built Plans
Stormwater Management
Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
Stormwater Management Plans
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Eleven 30 Condominiums, Charlottesville, Virginia

Line and Grade has specific experience in evaluating sites for the effect on the communities they serve. Every project and every client have something to share with the common spaces we all inhabit. It is our work to achieve the client's goals and have a net improvement on the community and environment. The Line and Grade team uses the latest available technology to inform our work and couples that with good ol' fashioned interpersonal skills to bring projects to life.


From urban re-development sites to expansive conservation easements, every project offers opportunities to enhance the public realm. It is our job to identify these opportunities and work toward a successful implementation of these strategies.

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