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Forensic Engineering

Our team actively participates in infrastructure and site investigations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Most of our forensic work centers around infrastructure disrepair and stormwater management failures.  Our experienced civil engineers have a reputation for responding quickly to damaging events, usually capable of prioritizing this as a same-day response.

Participating in forensic investigations and repairs enables our engineers to better understand how infrastructure and stormwater systems respond to extreme events. In turn, we can develop repairs and replacement systems capable to meet future performance expectations. We can also assist clients with recovery by providing temporary solutions that quickly return disrepair to serviceable conditions.

Photo Jun 07, 11 24 28 AM.jpg

Modular Clay Paving System Failure, Charlottesville, Virginia

Oftentimes forensic work blends into statistical and analytical modeling to inform conditions. Our team brings a unique blend of design and analytics to each project where we can research and inform our understanding based on robust data-driven analytics.

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Crash Data Analysis for Corridor Study

Continually engaging with damaged and broken systems informs our engineers with real-time feedback of which systems continually under-perform and cause undesirable conditions. Standing on these foundational understandings enables our team to guide clients toward designs which promote long-lasting and high-performing systems.

Photo Aug 12, 10 41 56 AM.jpg

French Drain Failure, Albemarle County, Virginia

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