Our Team Members

Line and Grade is a team of engineers, technologists and artists in Charlottesville, Virginia and Brooklyn, New York. Our work focuses on the rehabilitation of civic infrastructure and urban spaces. We strive to develop creative, simple and straightforward solutions to complex challenges. 

We practice across a broad spectrum of related disciplines, from planning, systems, infrastructure and ecology. We are natural problem solvers who are mindful of details; we are builders who care about how people and places interact. At the heart of work is our shared lives; that is to say, our shared responsibility and communal lives. How students get to school, whether on foot or on bus, how the environment is preserved. How are drinking water is cleaned and conveyed. We judge our work by whether or not it makes our community a better place.


Daniel C. Hyer, PE

Founder | Principal | Engineer

Daniel currently serves as Lead Engineer and Founding Principal at Line and Grade. He participates in a variety of engineering projects, specializing in rehabilitations and retrofits to civic spaces.


Trevor W. Haggerty

Technology | Art | Programming

Trevor currently serves as Lead Artist at Line and Grade. He is involved in all aspects of conceptual design as well as assisting in various design and production related tasks.


Ryan D. Cheney, EIT

Project Lead | Civil Engineer

Ryan currently serves as Lead Project Engineer at Line and Grade, he is always exploring ways to leverage new technology into our creative work-flow. Acutely blending art and science Ryan has become adept within our practice of retrofit and rehabilitation projects.


Kendra G. Patrick, EIT

Project Lead | Civil Engineer


Willie C. Woodard, III

Project Support | Sustainability Engineer

Willie currently serves as Junior Engineer at Line and Grade. He is engaged in each aspect of the conceptual design process along with reviewing projects and administrative procedures.


113 4th Street NE; STE 100

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Tel: 434-262-0169