Tonsler Park Splash Pad

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City of Charlottesville Parks Dept.

Recreation; Utility Design; Stormwater Management

Daniel Hyer

Portrait Cut Sheet

Line and Grade continues to assist the City of Charlottesville Parks Department with the implementation of the Park’s Master Plan. First was the basketball Court Rehabilitation, then new pedestrian access point from 5th Street and as shown here: a spray pad. Line and Grade seamlessly integrated the Stormwater Management features into the park’s design. In addition, our staff developed a unique approach to the splash pad drainage where a rain-diverter was installed into the primary circulatory system. When the pad was inactive for 15 minutes a rain diverter would switch and any runoff landing on the spray pad itself would be diverted to the stormwater system. Line and Grade also provided full utility design and Construction Management services for the project.

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