McIntire LL Forensic Evaluation

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Charlottesville Parks Department

Forensic Evaluation

Line and Grade

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McIntire Little League Complex has evolved over the past few decades. It represents what is good about volunteer work and those who are willing to step up and be leaders and role models for our youth.
That said, site improvements made over time and in an unregulated manner can lead to site degradation over time. This is what has happened at McIntire Park’s Little League Complex.
A series of site improvements led to substantial erosion problem near a railroad embankment. The land-slide caused alarm for the rail company, and thus, for the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).
DEQ has requested the City make corrective action to the site design to promote permanent stabilization and protection of the park. Line and Grade was retained to develop an action plan for the City and to pursue a rehabilitated site design.
The action plan was developed in Spring 2020, the Site Repair Plans are in planning stages.

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