Greenbrier Boardwalk

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City of Charlottesville Parks Dept.

Recreation; Bike/Ped Infrastructure

Daniel Hyer

Delicate and nuanced. Nestled within a neighborhood and a Conservation Easement administered by the Nature Conservancy, Greenbrier Park Boardwalk and Trail is a first of it’s kind in the City of Charlottesville. Making a distinct effort to shift the trail away from the Meadow Creek floodway as to promote a vibrant riparian buffer, and still remain close enough to hear the sounds of water babbling over the rocks the Greenbrier Park Greenway is a good example of paying attention to the details and working with the community which is served by the amenity. Line and Grade staff made distinct efforts to incorporate feedback from the Greenbrier Neighborhood, develop a plan which fosters access to a conservation area while at the same time doing so in a delicate and accurate manner reflects our commitment to upholding our engineering as a craft.



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