Avon Street Extended Masterplan

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County of Albemarle

Masterplan; Transportation

Line and Grade

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Line and Grade is working with the County of Albemarle and the Avon Street Community Advisory Committee to develop a master plan for the Avon Street Extended Corridor from the City of Charlottesville Boundary all the way to Biscuit Run and Route 20. Line and Grade has facilitated the entire process to be resident oriented and has responded to the desires and wishes of the collective voice. The master plan includes substantial pedestrian improvements throughout the corridor, traffic calming devices and re-designed intersections including a roundabout at Mill Creek Blvd. The most highly desired improvement is a dedicated pedestrian bridge across Interstate 64. The intent of the Master Plan is to create a cohesive design along the corridor such that as individual, isolated projects are funded, the end goal creates a well integrated and uniform corridor. Line and Grade expects to finalize this Master Plan in September 2019.

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